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The revolutionary UV lamp with extra light to exchange

Thanks to the new UV technology, no fumes are created during the application that would cause an allergic reaction, so you can serve these clients with a 95% success rate.

With a power of 5W and a wavelength of 395nm is this lamp one of the most powerful models on the market!

The position of the lamp to the eyelashes is approx.10-15cm.

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330,00 € tax incl.

Advantages of the UV lamp:

  • No more dealing with temperature and humidity, the glue dries immediately after turning on the UV light  
  • A stronger bond between natural lashes and extension  
  • No longer need to use any helping liquids to speed up the drying or curing time of the glue. Save money on Primer and Bonder liquids  
  • Almost no fumes, the glue is immediately cured under UV light  
  • End of allergies, also suitable for clients with allergies, tested with 95% success rate  
  • Speeding up your work by up to 20 minutes  
  • No more glued eyelashes, closed fans and similar complications  
  • Extended eyelashes without any restrictions  
  • Foot pedal control, flexible lamp bending, LED light life approx. 30 000 hours.  
  • Small dimensions and simple construction, you can place the lamp according to your convenience.

Approximately 300 seconds of application of UV light to one client.

Grown eyelashes are removed with tweezers as usual before refill.
Up to 20 minutes shorter application time, thanks to the application lash-to-lash.

We recommend to use protective glasses against UV light.


Material: metal+aluminum
Adapter: Input 100-240V
LED power: 5W
UV wavelength: 395-400nm
Lifetime of LED light: up to 30000 hours
Operation: foot switch
Color: black / white
Lamp size: 110-180cm
Base diameter: 20cm

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