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    Nano Spray fantastically relieves the symptoms of allergies and reduces the likelihood of its occurrence. Given that the adhesive on the lashes naturally absorbs moisture may dry eye during execution of the application, causing dryness and redness. Nano Sprey besides curing adhesives for 30s, also minimizes redness of the eyes. In addition, refreshes and...

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    Hydrometer is your indicator for the right choice of eyelash extension glue! Pointer: - time - room temperature - humidity in the room Because you need to have the conditions under control to use the right glue according to your salon conditions. Includes a practical stand. Package: does not contain batteries

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    The macro lens is the ideal helper for capturing the best photos and details in the highest quality. The most important thing for perfect photos is enough light. The lens has a circular light around it, which has 3 levels of illumination. You can choose from white light-cold or yellow light-warm. This lens must not be missed by any eyelash stylist!

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    The revolutionary UV lamp and UV glue are an unbeatable duo Thanks to the new UV technology, no fumes are created during the application that would cause an allergic reaction, so you can serve these clients with a 95% success rate. With a power of 5W and a wavelength of 395nm is this lamp one of the most powerful models on the market! The position of the...

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