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  • The palette is a great help in the application of lashes. On the palette you stick tape with lashes and highlight the range for its better organisation. Part of the pallet velcro strap to attach around the palms and velcro attaches plastic pallet arbitrary shape. For better storage and organisation of pallets, we recommend to buy storage box, where you...

  • Storage space for lash palettes on which a technician will have prepared the strips of eyelash extensions. This storage box will help technician protect their lash pallets from gathering dust and to ensure the lash curls stay in tact and not damaged through improper storage. The box can fit up to seven palettes, which is perfect for an easier organisation...

  • Cosmetic headband with velcro for attaching plastic pallets with velcro. Accelerate your time when applying false lashes. Palette is not included

  • The mirror is the greatest tool for your work! You never have to get up and look at extending from a different angle (from the front), if everything is ideally extended. Now you use our mirror and you see all of your site whenever needed during the work. 100% control of your work is always at hand!

  • Professional scissors designed specifically for eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping. Thanks to their sharpness can cut with great precision, shape eyebrows and tape beneath his eyes. Made of stainless steel.

  • The cosmetic mirror is a great helper in your handbag. It is small, light and ready to use at any time. Its great advantage is two mirrors, thanks to which you can see two angles of the face. At one glance, you can coordinate the make-up from the front and at the same time from the side of your face. 

  • Protect your health with a replaceable carbon filter mask.The mask has 2 exhalation valves to avoid sweating under the veil.It is washable when the valve is removed.The filter lasts 60 hours.Packaging:1pc mask1pc filterColor: Black / Pink / Turquoise

  • Replacement carbon filter for mask.Packing: 2 pieces

  • Spare Velur applicator 500pcs

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